Building a Music Education Program in Your Church

Jim Cammack and Cathy Butler, 2009


A music education program in your church can be a wonderful ministry.  It can bring people together, spark interest in music, and grow your church.  We call our program “Picking and Praying” and we have found it to be a great asset for our church.  Here are some steps we have found useful for starting and growing a music education program in our church.  We hope it helps in yours!


1.   You can “grow your own”   It is easier than you think to learn to play the basic chords you’ll need.    An average adult can learn the basics in a few weeks.

2.  Find musicians in your church.  Ask!  You may be surprised at how many people in your congregation already play an instrument.  Note: your keyboard player needs to know how to play using chords.  Often, traditional pianist/organists do not play in this way.   So, you’ll need to either find a keyboard player who already knows how to play this way, or, find one who is willing to learn.


We hope these steps are useful to you in helping you build a successful program in your church.  If you have any questions or need additional info, feel free to contact us.


Jim Cammack

Cathy Butler