Youth Programs


We have a youth Sunday School Department that is awesome.  The teachers are wonderful and it is a great place for kids to belong.  As with the children's department, the Youth also promote in August on the Sunday before School begins.  These classes plan many activities such as going out to eat breakfast and baking cookies. 


Wesley youth meet on a regular schedule on Sunday afternoon.  They are involved in a variety of activities that include service projects, study lessons, fun time, and many other programs.  Some of these programs include the UM Army trip, which is a mission trip to help others who are less fortunate than us.  Another important youth activity is summer camp, which is held each summer at Lakeview United Methodist Camp in Tyler.  It is a fun filled week of crafts, lessons, swimming, fishing, and fellowship.  There are a variety of other programs for the youth at Wesley, such as youth bible study, youth-led worship services, etc.

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