Schedule It & Here’s The Scoop Information Forms

Need to communicate something within the church, or schedule a meeting or event?  We have a form for that!


  •  Schedule It Form  – Fill out this form for Building Use & Communication.

  •  Here’s the Scoop!Fill out this form for the Newsletter or Magazine Article.

  • OR print out the Schedule It Form or Here’s The Scoop and bring the form to the church office with your information filled out.

  • REMEMBER to follow up with an email to: if you need to attach a word document, jpeg or png graphics.  Thank YOU!

This “Form” for communicating information to the: Church Calendar, Newsletter, Flyers, Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Web page, Email Blasts, Remind Messages, Sunday Front Wall Slides, Sunday Worship Bulletins, Inserts, Vinyl Signs, Newspaper/Radio Ads, etc.

Please call Ramona Guillory at the church office 409-722-7065 to check the calendar for room availability.