Current Missions that people at Wesley United Methodist Church Nederland participate in are:

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  • Third Community Saturdays – Help build a wheelchair ramp or cleanup – Garry Richards & United Methodist Men, and members of the congregation.
  • To Methodist Men, Wesley Mission Volunteer group, or anyone wanting to be a part of a small group of volunteers helping with home recovery.We are trying to get people together to help with home recovery work again. A lot was accomplished in the first few days and we thank the many volunteers that began the process of home recovery, but there is still a lot more to do. We have the tools and we have the supplies, now we need to get the group or groups together that can get things accomplished a little at a time. “The harvest is plenty but the workers are few…” sounds real familiar right now. We’d like to have a meeting of any and all people interested in helping with the work and helping to make decisions with what we can do and when we can do it. The meeting is set for Saturday Sept. 30th, at 9:30am at Wesley UMC-Nederland.We have many people in our congregation and in our community in severe need of assistance with this slow process and we need to start addressing how we can be of assistance. This is what we are called to do, so if you or anyone you know would be interested in helping with this, please come by and be a part of small journey on a long road to recovery. Being the hands and feet of Jesus is not only necessary, but also very rewarding.In Christ’s Service,
    Garry Richards
    (409) 728-1578
  • Cleaning Kit for Disaster – fit into a 10 gallon bucket
  • UMArmy – U.M. ARMY is an acronym which stands for United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth. U.M. ARMY’s mission is: “To provide Christ-centered missions …  Wesley sends off a team each summer.  Age groups from entering into 9th grade through college ages.  Adults participate in UMArmy as leaders out in the field and provide support in the kitchen and worship services.  Vicki & Phil Westbrook are the leaders for this effort.

    • Wesley UMC will additionally serve as a host for UMArmy at the church.
  • International Missions – Denise Alexander – coordinator of participating in International week of missions in Hatti.  Members of the congregation will provide items needed to assist in the Hatti mission, in addition to providing funds.
  • United Board of Missions
    • Wesley members volunteer at the United Board of Missions – The Attic to help go through local donations of clothing and house hold items
    • Wesley members will donate containers of oatmeal for the shelves of the United Board of Missions food bank.
    • During the fall, the church will conduct a Thanksgiving and Christmas food drive to directly benefit the UBM Food bank.
    • Members will participate in The Giving Tree – a toy/gift donation drive that the United Board of Missions will disperse to local deserving families.
    • Members of the church will donate time to help facilitate the toy drive at the UBM.
    • Additionally a wooden box inside of the Christian Life Center hallway is provided for those wishing to donate oatmeal or clothing, toys, electronics, DVDs, Music CDs for donation to the UBM’s Attic.  The Attic sells goods at reduced prices to help support the programs that they provide for our community.